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Health : Hearing Last Updated: Jul 11, 2015 - 9:56:45 PM

Tinnitus - never surrender
By Hearing Writer
Jan 18, 2014 - 12:35:34 AM

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I have had tinnitus since 2008.  The tinnitus includes ringing in both of my ears.  I have become used to the ringing.  My hearing aids help alleviate the ringing to some degree.  I also have hearing loss in both ears.

I am not one to sit back and give up on eliminating my tinnitus.  I have read that there is no known cure.  I also have read that it is caused by a number of possible reasons including one related to your brain making up the noise in the absence of that frequency.

In the spirit of never surrendering I have tried many different approaches to alleviating or eliminating my tinnitus.

1.  Cranio Sacral Therapy (CST).  I have been to one session of CST.  It did not help much, but it was only one.  I have watched some videos on CST and also have bought a book about it.  I perform CST related exercises on myself.  I have to admit it feels good and is relaxing.  Some people think that CST is nonsense.  I am not sure.  I think there is some truth to it.  Please do your own research and consult a professional if you are interested in CST.

2.  Meditation.  I sometimes meditate on my ringing.  I explore the ringing and literally try to focus on the origin on the noise.  I think this may help move blood to the area of the noise if this makes sense.  It has not helped directly but it is relaxing.

3.  Minerals, Vitamins and Herbs.  I take a variety of supplements.  The ones in particular I have read that may have an effect on tinnitus are

a.  Alpha Lipoic Acid ALA
b.  Gingko Biloba
c.  B12

I also tried Coenzyme Q but it seemed to make me extremely groggy so I stopped.  I also take a multivitamin, vitamin D and cinnamon but these are not related to my tinnitus.  Before taking supplements, you may want to check with your health care professional.

I have taken a,b and c for almost 1 year.  I have not noticed any significant effect on my tinnitus.  I may stop taking them once I run out of them.   They have not made my tinnitus worse either.

I know the effectiveness of my attempts may not seem encouraging. 

My own belief is their is an answer.  I have not given up...why would I?  I cannot say that 1,2 and 3 are ineffective. I just have not had improvement yet.

One thing I believe is that our bodies are incredibly intelligent.  If it is true that the ringing sound is the brain making up noises because I cannot hear that frequency, I have to believe that my brain can learn to stop making up the noise...that noise is not real. 

I will write more in the future.  In the meantime, I plan on continuing to take my supplements and continue to meditate.  I will cure my tinnitus...there must be a solution.  Lastly, my hearing aids do help me not notice the ringing as much.

Best wishes to all those who have tinnitus. 

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