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Why are the coffee makers in hotels in the bathroom?
By Makes me wonder Staff Writer
Feb 24, 2011 - 11:07:05 PM

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Okay so now that I have your attention, I want you to think about Why are the coffee makers in the bathroom?  Would you put a coffee maker in your bathroom at home?

I can see the convenience of having it in the bathroom as it is close to the water source and maybe, just maybe while I am using the bathroom or taking a shower, I'll want a nice cup.  Other reasons I could see for having it there are:

1.  It is out of the way.
2.  It speeds up cleaning of the room with it closer to the sink.
3.  Ok I am out of reasons.

Now here is the one and only reason I am now not supportive of bathroom coffee makers. 

I have heard that fecal particles get spread around the bathroom when you flush.  I am not sure how true that is, but even the odor itself filling up the room is not so appealing. I did find an article on the web about this. 

I think after reading this article, you will be like me.  Pass on the in room coffee maker.

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