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Repaired my dishwasher door
By The Repair Dude
Feb 17, 2013 - 9:55:14 PM

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If you are like me you hate when things break, but you hate even more when you have to pay to fix things.  Tonight I repaired my dishwasher soap door.  This adds to my repertoire of repairs which includes the dishwasher door latch, dryer heating element, dryer heating overheat switch, toilet refill devices, leaking old vintage toilet, faucets and on and on.  Once again the internet came to the rescue and I fixed it within 30 minutes of deciding to fix it...without even buying a part.

Here is the message board I used.  I love the internet.

I used chris_hen's advice and also looked at the thumbnails on the other message board that is linked to.

Saved atleast $7 or so for the part, saved not calling a repair person and also now have a dishwasher that works properly!

(Note - sorry I noticed the link did not work.  It is now fixed.)

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Repaired my dishwasher door
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