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Health Last Updated: Jul 11, 2015 - 9:56:45 PM

Coaching - What do you want to talk about
By Lifestyle Staff Writer
Sep 10, 2014 - 9:01:34 PM

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"So what do you want talk about," begins my coach.  I say, "Well, I think I want to talk about how I just bought a new cell phone I did not need."   By the end of my coaching session, I had made a commitment to do 20 pushups every morning after I get up...and you know what, I am still doing those 20 pushups and more.  This is an analogous story of how coaching has helped many people.

The conversation can start almost anywhere and it will lead to what matters to you most, not just now, not just in the future, but all the time.  The cell phone conversation could have led to a discussion about distractions which could then have led to a deeper conversation about values and being true to your values.  The push ups could have been a result of this conversation from simple question like "So where else are you not expressing your values?"

Coaching is not about advice giving or expertise.  It is not the same as what we often think of when we hear the phrase, "He needs some coaching."  Coaching is about helping someone help themselves be themselves and become themselves.  It is not about telling or selling or yelling....although it may be needed at times....it is about coaching.

One definition of coaching is to ready another for a test or examination.  We should always be prepared to be tested.  Life is one test after another.  By looking at life like that and preparing ourselves like that makes us more human.  To not test ourselves makes us slow and that is when we are unprepared and fail.

Coaching is not just for the rich.  Coaching is not a luxury.  Coaching is for everyone.  Everyone deserves to be coached.  It can make the biggest difference in your life.  We spend hundreds and thousands of dollars on devices that allow us to talk and message others.  What about checking in with ourselves?

I love being coached.  It is better than the new cell phone.  Coaching keeps me upgrading.  Good luck!

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