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Health Last Updated: Jul 11, 2015 - 9:56:45 PM

Joints just don't heal as fast
By Staff Writer
Apr 3, 2011 - 12:23:20 AM

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One thing that I am beginning to notice with my body is that I just don't heal as fast.  Or perhaps may not heal completely at all.  A few months or rather 6 months ago, I was reaching for something and I bent my index finger back.  Six months later it still is painful to bend.

What is odd about this situation is how it happened.  I was literally just trying to pick something up but I reached too far perhaps and then suddenly I was in pain as my index finger was hyperextended backwards.  It was apinful, but I never thought I would be still feeling the effects of it now.

Maybe I should have went to see an orthopoedist.  Why I didn't I think comes down to thinking it will get better after a week or two like usual.  What I am finding out is that my old experiences are not proving to play out the same anymore.  My finger is not in terrible shape, but it reminds me to be careful gping forward.

In fact recently as I was opening a bathroom door, I ended grabbing it by one finger - probably because I was trying to minimize physical contact with the "contaminated" door handle.  When this happen I felt a pop in my hand which I am guessing was my solo finger being pulled out of it's socket. 

As you guessed my hand hurt a little for a couple days.  This time I put ice on it just too make sure I did not start adding up another ache and pain to my repertoire.

I am realizing though I need to pay more attention to how I grab things with my hands and fingers.  I really am appreciating the fact that sometimes there is no forgiveness so getting sloppy can result in lasting inconveniences or worse. 

I do not want to sound like I am falling apart.  I do want to share though that we need to treat our middle aged bodies with care.  Avoidable sprains, twists and impacts may not be so easily forgotten.  Just as we get older, we move stocks to less variable sources of investments, we also must be a little more certain in our movements and decisions because we have less room for error and recovery.

Update - April 3, 2011 - I was practicing martial arts yesterday and my knee landed on my right hand - actually my right fingers.  Now that is painful.  I decided to look into how to treat this vs just icing it etc.

I have been icing it for the past day now.  I took some ibuprofen...one tablet.  I am even using some herbal medicine including chamomile and ginger...


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